About us

At INVERCA we are specialized in the design and manufacture of all types of greenhouses

With more than 30 years of experience, our greenhouses allow the optimization and an increase of production in a broad range of crops. We are globally spread, with an active presence in 5 continents.

Technical areas, growth benches, heating and irrigation systems… our technical team is always developing new solutions.


Know us

Mission: our mission defines the criteria and decisions to reach our goals:

1. Feed the world.
2. Increase the financial efficiency of our projects.
3. Make a difference.

Vision: Our vision describes everything we need to achieve the maximum sustainability, quality and growth. We search the goals adapted to different environments:

1. People: Good place to work, where every one of us can have the inspiration to become better everyday.
2. Projects: We offer a very wide variety of quality projects, anticipating the potential threats and satisfying the wishes and necessities of our customers.
3. Productivity: Being an effective and dynamic company.


Our wining culture defines our attitudes and behaviour needed to achieve our values.

As a family owned company we work hand in hand with the customer, sharing the common goals, knowledge and experience.


Wide variety of models, turnkey project development. We work all over the world


We offer a wide range of greenhouse models, adaptable to the needs of each particular case and with configurable scalability.


We offer integral solutions to the needs of our clients. We intervene in all stages of modeling: advice, design, manufacturing and assembly.

Inverca world

Our extensive experience allows INVERCA to have an active presence in 5 continents, adapting to the conditions of the land.

Latest projects


Follow the news of our latest projects, presence in fairs, technological advances, ...

  • Project in Belarus – 0.15 Ha

    Project composed by one block of a warehouse 16 m wide by 90 meters long with a total area of 1,440 m2. Covering is made of double plastic film with an air chamber and a double roo...

  • Project in Greece – 5 Ha, Tomatoes

    Project composed by three blocks connected to each other by a central corridor and with a total area of 5 Ha. Each block has a structure to support hanging hydroponic channels, as ...

  • Project in Latvia – 1.25 Ha, for Forestry Company

    Project composed by five blocks of a warehouse 25 m wide by 100 meters long each with a total area of 12,500 m2. Double plastic covering with an air chamber and cellular polycarbon...

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